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Re: Amazon EC2 NetBSD/xen service selection

Jeff Rizzo <riz%boogers.sf.ca.us@localhost> taught me;

Q.  Is it worth choosing 2+ core service on EC2 for NetBSD/xen?
I heard that NB6 xen can not utilize 2+ cores at a time.
NetBSD 6 (and -current) can indeed use multiple cores on EC2. NetBSD 5.1 and earlier can only use one.

The NetBSD 6.0_RC1 AMIs will be available on EC2 in the next couple days. See: http://wiki.netbsd.org/amazon_ec2/amis/

Good to hear about it.  I've been gradually shifting my local NB
functionalities into Cloud services.  By combining  other free-of-charge or
inexpensive online services, Cloud NB6 is a versatile enough to run my
daily life and intensitive / serious projects in a flexible manner.  I think I 
not buy PC anymore beside portable notebooks which are considered

Toru Nishimura / ALKYL Technology / 15 year dedication for NetBSD

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