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Re: NetBSD/xen goes off the network - reproduceable

> Have you noticed any messages about "mclpool limit reached: increase

I'm quite familiar with that issue, but that's not the case here. Running
out of NMBCLUSTERS can happen with any NetBSD machine, not just under Xen.

I can only reproduce my current problem under Xen. I've tested versions
from NetBSD 3.1 through -current (last month).

> I should also note that in my case I also lose the console and only a
> power cycle will help.

I don't remember that being the case the last time I had the NMBCLUSTERS
problem. Did you try sending the console break sequence to see if you
could get a DDB prompt?

> I've addressed this the obvious way by increasing the number of
> NMBCLUSTERS to 16384 (from 2048) and sofar that seems to do the trick.

I never run with less than 8192. Most of my machines are 2-4 times that.


- Brian

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