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Re: amd64 MP (was Re: pae MP on cherry-xenmp)

On Thu, 13 Oct 2011 11:39:15 +0100, Hugo Silva wrote:
Generally speaking, is the difference between the MP code for dom0 and domU big enough that the dom0 typical workload would trigger bugs that a
domU likely wouldn't?

I ask to determine the best path of action: if MP-domU is likely to
trigger the same class of bugs as MP-dom0, then it might make more sense to run this code on a test domU (exclusively) first (not having the dom0
crash all the time helps with testing)

Best path is to try out SMP domU first, as this will shake out all frontend drivers thread-safety and virtual memory (this part is shared with dom0) parts.

Once that is stable, you can start hard-hitting the dom0. This will add real device drivers to the loop, then eventually virtual backend drivers when you start running multiple domUs.

Jean-Yves Migeon

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