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amd64 MP (was Re: pae MP on cherry-xenmp)

On 9/9/11 4:57 AM, Cherry G. Mathew wrote:
> Just to say I've checked in amd64 support. Do give it a spin, and let
> us know (on list) how it goes.
> I haven't tested this on dom0.

You, Sir, are my hero.

I'm checking in with my results so far...

I am running on an Intel Xeon platform, Debian squeeze dom0 (Xen 4.0) with 2 vcpu's and 2GB allocated to NetBSD domU. My domU is running 5.1 userland with cherry-xenmp kernel, compiled like this (code was checked out October 12th):

cvs checkout -r cherry-xenmp src
./build.sh -m amd64 tools
./build.sh -m amd64 kernel=XEN3_DOMU

Status: working fine, but I haven't loaded it much yet. I am running GNOME in Xvnc and I'm able to poke around and browse the web just fine. I'll try to build /src with -j4.


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