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Re: default route on other subnet

        Hello.  Does your original e-mail show the addresses and their
relationships to each other?  If not, if you want to elaborate, I can see
if I can think of a configuration that would work.
If you don't want to put that on the list, send me private mail.
        What is the ffs log problem?

On Sep 30, 11:03pm, Pierre-Philipp Braun wrote:
} Subject: Re: default route on other subnet
} Quoting Brian Buhrow 30/09/2011 21:34,
} >     Hello.  So unless I'm really not understanding what's going on, I
} > wouldn't expect your example to work.  A bridge is not a router.  What I
} > mean by that is that a bridge cannot move a packet from one IP subnet, i.e.
} > to another,  Instead, what I suggest is something
} I'm not sure on what you understood either.  It's a long thread, you 
} probably didn't follow the first posts months ago.  But I though I was 
} clear enough in my last briefings.  If that's unclear, it's actually 
} possible to use a gateway outside the subnet when forcing the route.  To 
} me, the bridge doesn't prevent that from happening either.  I'm able to 
} make this work with Linux guests.  And it's supposed to work with NetBSD 
} (http://www.netbsd.org/docs/network/#nonsubnetgateway).
} The example your give with other IPs doesn't correspond to my 
} configuration.  I've got two public IPs which I can't change, one for 
} the dom0 and one for the guest.  Whether it's routing or bridging 
} doesn't change the issue at all.  The gateway is outside the subnet in 
} both cases (respectively dom0's ip or the real gateway).
} I could try to attribute the wrong-subnet IP to the dom0 and give the 
} previous dom0 IP to the guest.  That's not even a dirty workaround tho, 
} it's just plain leaking.  But it could work in my situation as I only 
} got *one* ok-subnet IP and only need *one* netbsd guest for the time being.
} I think it's a bug, which I should report.  Is it netbsd's route, a 
} linux or xen-tools issue?  Maybe it's just between the two (netbsd and 
} the latters).  But it's like with pkgsrc.  When linux distro's uname -p 
} decides to print the cpu model instead of the plateform, pkgsrc needs to 
} adapt, as an alternate package system for a foreign operating system. 
} Here I'm using a NetBSD guest on a foreign XEN/dom0 configuration.  It's 
} almost working perfectly fine.  Just ffs log and that 
} default-route-on-other-subnet tickles.  And if one of NetBSD's 
} objectives is to work on linux dom0's too, I'm afraid we will have to 
} fix those on NetBSD's side, unless they are caused by real flaws in 
} linux, xen or xen-tools.
} Thanks,
} Pierre-Philipp
>-- End of excerpt from Pierre-Philipp Braun

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