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Re: PV drivers in HVM DomU

On 9/27/11 10:22 AM, David Howland wrote:
Still a Xen newb but by my understanding, when I run a guest under Xen HVM, I can increase performance dramatically by using PV "drivers" to access network and disk (thus avoiding QEMU emulated devices). This is usually recommended in Windows, for example.

So, is it possible or advisable to try and compile xenbus, xennet, and xbd into a GENERIC kernel?

I am running GENERIC under HVM right now so I can use all four cores.


We don't currently have any PV drivers that run on an HVM guest, though I've heard some rumblings that someone or other might begin work on them. As far as support for multiple cores, NetBSD 6.0 will have support for MP on a fully-PV kernel. (A kernel built from the cherry-xenmp branch runs, but there are a few more bugs to work out before it lands in current)


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