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Re: PV drivers in HVM DomU

On 09/27/11 18:22, David Howland wrote:
> Still a Xen newb but by my understanding, when I run a guest under Xen
> HVM, I can increase performance dramatically by using PV "drivers" to
> access network and disk (thus avoiding QEMU emulated devices).  This is
> usually recommended in Windows, for example.
> So, is it possible or advisable to try and compile xenbus, xennet, and
> xbd into a GENERIC kernel?
> I am running GENERIC under HVM right now so I can use all four cores.
> thanks,
> -d

I don't think this works on NetBSD. FreeBSD/amd64 uses this model, for

Afaik NetBSD is fully PV or fully HVM.



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