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Re: Split out xenstore tools?

On 23 September 2011 13:07, Stephen Borrill <netbsd%precedence.co.uk@localhost> 
> I've about finishing porting the XenServer VM tools to NetBSD, so that a
> NetBSD PV VM will be able to suspend, migrate, report IP addresses, log
> memory usage, use memory ballooning, etc. These require the xenstore
> binaries. Currently these are in the xentools package(s) along with a lot of
> stuff required for running a dom0. I wonder if it is easy to have a separate
> xenstore33 package (for instance) that would be a dependency of xentools*
> and the XenServer tools.

Seems to make sense, unless the XenServer VM tools are genuinely
useful on DOM0 :)

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