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Re: NetBSD DomU in Xen 4 challenges

On 09/15/11 17:22, metalliqaz%fastmail.fm@localhost wrote:
> Next, I am unable to use more than one vcpu in PV mode.  I haven't tried
> HVM mode because I'd prefer PV for NetBSD.  I found something that
> proposed a (SoC?) project for adding this capability, so I assume that
> I'm observing a feature and not a bug.  My question is, has there been
> any progress towards supporting this?  What is the current state of
> multi-proc on DomU?  This is something that really surprised me, because
> I thought that NetBSD offered full Xen support.

As others have pointed out, Cherry has been working his ass off on this
lately (see the archives).

I'm not sure of the code's status, but afaik (haven't had a chance to
test yet) it works w/ i386+pae domU. Heard something about amd64 too,
but that particular user reported a panic, I think.



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