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Re: Creating linux domUs

On 26.08.2011 21:54, Jeff Rizzo wrote:
> Does anyone have any tips for creating linux domUs to run on a NetBSD
> dom0 with a xen 3.3.2 kernel?  All the various Linux-related Xen
> documentation I can find seems to assume you're setting up a new linux
> dom0, and using some script to create the install on another Linux machine.
> I've even been thwarted installing from a ubuntu .iso onto an HVM domU,
> as the installer couldn't actually mount the "CD", and the installation
> wasn't important enough to me to learn how to fix this particular issue.
> So, how about it?  Anyone else build linux domUs for use on NetBSD?  tips?

For HVM, just use any ISO and do as explained in the example. See

For PV, it's somewhat more problematic when the distribution does not
generate images with a kernel supporting PV mode. Might change in the
future now that vanilla Linux has support for Xen.

Jean-Yves Migeon

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