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Re: pae MP on cherry-xenmp

Hi Hugo,

On 23 August 2011 23:14, Hugo Silva <hugo%barafranca.com@localhost> wrote:

> This is for i386 domU correct?

i386/pae domU, which is slightly different from an i386 domU. You can
run this on a 64bit xen hypervisor, and unless you're running really
va hungry (> 3G) applications, an i386 userland would happily run on

> Purely from a curiosity standpoint, what's the status on dom0 MP and
> amd64? Any ETAs? Is the work done on i386 most of the work needed for
> amd64 MP ?

They're related, since there're shared codepaths - the key difference
is in the pmap, which uses a slightly different model. Having this
work reliably for MP is the only roadblock for amd64 at the moment.

There's also a lot of optimisation left - the mmu op queues need to be
adjusted for MP (see discussion on source-changes-d@) and possibly
other things. This is why having people run this helps - performance
numbers, hidden bugs, etc.

> I'm finishing some stuff for work and won't be online much next week,
> but I can leave a i386 pv domU idling before packing, no problem!
> Tomorrow will be quite a chaotic day for me, so on thursday I'll set the
> domU up.
> Because I'll be on a crappy 3G connection with a 100MB monthly limit I
> won't be able to check in very often after Friday, for roughly a week;
> but anyway, if I find any problems, I'll let you know.

NP, thanks for the offer to help!



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