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Re: pae MP on cherry-xenmp

On 08/23/11 19:08, Cherry G. Mathew wrote:
> On 23 August 2011 20:04, Cherry G. Mathew 
> <cherry.g.mathew%gmail.com@localhost> wrote:
>> Hi folks,
>> Quick one to say that I've been able to boot MP successfully from the
>> [cherry-xenmp] branch.
>> I'd love for it to be tried out and hammered a bit.
>> First checkout a buildable version of -current
>> then:
>> $ cd sys
>> $ cvs update -C -rcherry-xenmp src/sys
> Sorry, that should be:
> $ cvs update -C -rcherry-xenmp

Hello Cherry,

This is for i386 domU correct?

Purely from a curiosity standpoint, what's the status on dom0 MP and
amd64? Any ETAs? Is the work done on i386 most of the work needed for
amd64 MP ?

I'm finishing some stuff for work and won't be online much next week,
but I can leave a i386 pv domU idling before packing, no problem!
Tomorrow will be quite a chaotic day for me, so on thursday I'll set the
domU up.

Because I'll be on a crappy 3G connection with a 100MB monthly limit I
won't be able to check in very often after Friday, for roughly a week;
but anyway, if I find any problems, I'll let you know.



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