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Re: please try out -current

>>>>> "Cherry" == Cherry G Mathew <cherry%zyx.in@localhost> writes:

    Cherry> Hi again, Just to say, if you've had an eye on
    Cherry> source-changes@, you've probably noticed that there's a few
    Cherry> xen specific commits that have gone in.

    Cherry> I'd appreciate it if people could try out -current in all
    Cherry> sorts:

    Cherry> ie; DOM0/DOMU for i386, pae and amd64

    Cherry> I'd be keen to know if you run into anything odd. Ideally,
    Cherry> things should "just work" and you shouldn't see any
    Cherry> difference in normal multi-user operation.

As a follow on to this, if you could try this patch:

over my last commit on -current:

Probably best to do this via: 
$ cvs update -D "Sat, 13 Aug 2011 20:24:20 +0000"

and then apply the patch.

That should get you MP on XEN3PAE_DOM0 and DOMU

I'd be keen to know how that goes.

specifically what you get via:

# cpuctl list


# vmstat -e

A top(1) snapshot would be good too.


PS: Some people have replied offlist by my replies can't get through due
to mailer foo ( I think my mail server settings for this address are
botched - apologies)

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