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Re: NetBSD on Xen4

Am 30.07.11 17:52, schrieb Jean-Yves Migeon:
On 30.07.2011 17:19, Dirk wrote:
my dom0 is Debian6 stable. I tried the standard NetBSD Xen kernels from
various netbsd-5-releases including 5.1, but all of them did not connect
to the bridged network successfully.

Is there any fix for that? I found many discussions on this, but have
not found out if there is a solution yet.
What revision of 5.1 are you using? I am currently using a Debian 6 for
all kinds of NetBSD tests, and the latest 5.1 domU works.
What exactly did you do to install it? Are there any special configurations on the dom0? Are you using bridged or routed network setup?

I tried with the latest 5.1 domu install kernel, but this one got no network connect either.


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