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Re: Unable to create HVM or PV domUs with Xen 4.1 (HVM domains fail with LVM-backed storage)

On 04/15/11 14:34, Christoph Egger wrote:
> Retry with autoballooning disabled in xl.conf.

# cat xl.conf

I managed to launch a PV domain with xm; still haven't tried anything
else with it.

About HVM, I'm using LVM storage here. When xm create'ing the device,
/var/log/messages shows

xbdback backend/vbd/3/768: can't VOP_OPEN device 0xa903: 16 (for block

xbdback backend/vbd/2/768: unknown device 0xc203 (for raw devices)

This looks like http://gnats.netbsd.org/42912

block-raw.c now seems to be

Adam is cc'd.

For now, I'll try installing a NetBSD PV and test it out.. anything odd,
I'll report.



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