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Re: arc4 and xen domU kernel

>> [...] the issue from PR 42390.
> I'm using current state of netbsd-5, because I've read in the
> tech-net mailing list archives about your experience and the fact
> that it had been fixed in netbsd-5.  It was a 5.1 stable before, so i
> recompiled and upgraded.

Heh, so I didn't need to say anything on that score.  Well, I'd rather
raise the point only to find out you knew about it than not raise it
and you end up getting stuck on it.

>> It's an ugly kludge, but, you could just drop the arc4 attribute
>> onto some unrelated file in one of your `files' files [...]
> Interesting.  Maybe I could try that :)

I misspoke slightly, actually; attributes on files control whether the
files are included, not what the files require.  So you should either
remove the arc4 attribute from the `file' line in
crypto/arc4/files.arc4 or add the arc4 attribute to some device, one
you do have in your kernel - even something like adding it to the
"defpseudo pty" line in sys/conf/files ought to work.  (Note the
weasel-wording: I haven't actually tried this myself.)

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