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Re: arc4 and xen domU kernel

> Hello everybody. I'm trying to compile the mppe-lkm module (from
> pkgsrc) on a netbsd-5 domU machine.  It's needed for proper pptp
> termination.

It's a different problem, but, it's not going to work without fixing
the issue from PR 42390.  If you're not already aware of it, you likely
want to check that out.  Based on my own experience, it seems the fix
didn't get pulled up in time to make it into 5.1 - are you using the
current state of netbsd-5, or a release?

> The problem is: I get this message:

> This LKM requires attribute ``arc4'' [...]

> The REAL problem is: it doesn't seem I can compile something like
> wi(4) on a domU kernel.  Any workaround to have the arc4 attribute on
> the kernel?  Tried to look at the config, but didn't find anything
> (clearly) related.

It's an ugly kludge, but, you could just drop the arc4 attribute onto
some unrelated file in one of your `files' files and rebuild your
kernel.  After all, config(8) doesn't know or care whether a file
actually depends on the attributes it's declared to require; it just
cares about the declarations.

(This is quite independent of the questions others have raised about
whether it will work in a domU kernel at all.  I'm not competent to
comment on those.)

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