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Re: Upgrading in the XEN world

On Fri, 17 Dec 2010, Hauke Fath wrote:
I have this opteron machine here that runs netbsd-4 dom0 and domu, mainly
for one-task servers like running the network's dhcpd, named slave, cups.
It "just works", so I haven't looked at its setup thoroughly for quite a
while. Now, the end of the year is a time just right for an upgrade, but -
how, with minimal downtime and breakage?

What about, and what are the implications of

o upgrading dom0 to netbsd-5 while keeping the netbsd-4 domus for now?
o upgrading dom0 to netbsd-5 amd64, keeping the domus?
o upgrading dom0 to amd64, and the domus to i386?
o running upgraded domus on the netbsd-4 dom0?

The related question is PAE vs non-PAE and and upgrade to xen 3.3. What version of xen are you currently using?


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