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Re: default route on other subnet

Quoting myself,
> I need to use a gateway which is reachable by the network interface, but
> not on the same subnet.  The network FAQ has a little chapter on this,
> but it doesn't work here.  It's on a xen guest has a different subnet
> than the linux dom0 (routing, not briding).
>       ifconfig xennet0 <guest IP> netmask up
>       route add -host <dom0 IP> -link xennet0 -iface
>       route add default -ifa <guest IP> <dom0 IP>
> Ref http://www.netbsd.org/docs/network/#nonsubnetgateway

Once the procedure from the FAQ is applied, beside the fact it doesn't
work, those messages start to appear on the console.  I'm actually only
running the installer/kernel outside sysinst but I guess playing with
the routes should work anyways.

fe:ff:ff:ff:ff:ff tried to overwrite permanent arp info for <dom0_ip>

XEN microkernel and tools are version 3.2, with a 2.6.26 linux dom0.
fe:ff:ff:ff:ff:ff is vif's mac address on the dom0 side.  In fact, all
vifs have that same mac address, bridged or routed.  I assume that's
normal.  What maybe isn't, is the ability for the guest to see its dom0
sided mac address instead of its own.

I should try the FAQ-mentioned routing trick in a non xen configuration
to see if it's xen issue or not.  Does someone usually have success
using that procedure?

Thank you

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