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problem with bootloader pygrub fsimage

 I have a NetBSD-5.0 adm DOM0.
 I am attempting to create a minimimal Ubuntu-10.4 image DOMU.
 I have a Ubuntu-9.10 DOMU which boots via pygrub and I have upgraded this to 10.4 and used this to create a minimal system image.
 When I attempt to boot via pygrub it reports not being able to open the kernel file.
  I looked inside pygrub and see it has fsimage object which it does file_exists and read calls on.
  It succeeds in the file_exists for (/boot/grub/menu.lst) but fails for /boot/vmlinux... the kernel.
  If I mount the image both files are there.

  It seems as though the fsimage object is not properly behaved.

  I may have upgraded the DOM0 from i386 to adm64.

  Anybody seen this kind of issue?

  Any documetnation on fsimage used by pygrub (other than the source)?


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