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On Sun, Mar 28, 2010 at 08:21:55AM +0300, Jukka Marin wrote:
> Dear Lists,
> Last night, my Xen / i386PAE (netbsd-5) server had died with "ACPI
> Exception" messages flooding on console.  The full messge was:
> ACPI Exception (evgpe-0886): AE_NO_MEMORY, Unable to queue handler for
>  GPE[ 8] - event disabled [20080321]

This happened again today.  :-(

I guess something triggers an ACPI event (or something like that) which is
never properly handled and the events eat up all memory..  There's nothing in
/var/log/messages and the console was flooding with the ACPI Exception

Dom0 had 512 MB (it now has 1024 MB but I'm pretty sure that won't help).

Any ideas, anyone?


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