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Re: Xen and LVM backed domu's

> I recently found out that HVM domUs running with lvm-backed storage detect a
> 0MB hard disk - this is not a domU-OS specific problem, as qemu itself
> reports 0MB
> in the "bios" - thus making them unusable.
> Not sure where the problem might be here, but I suspect qemu. Xen, as I
> recall, (I don't have my NetBSD/Xen box nearby) correctly detects the size
> of the logical volume.

Hmm yes that can be easily problem if Xen qemu uses some different
disk ioctls which are not supported by dm driver.

I think that ideal would be change disk_ioctl[1] routine to work with
more that one IOCTL and listen for all other different disk size
ioctls calls. disk_ioctl can use dictionary to create every possible
structure for caller.

Please make a PR for this issue because otherwise it can be lost.
Because I'm little bit busy these
days with ZFS.

[1] http://nxr.netbsd.org/xref/src/sys/kern/subr_disk.c#487



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