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Re: Xen and LVM backed domu's

> FYI,
> I recently found out that HVM domUs running with lvm-backed storage detect a
> 0MB hard disk - this is not a domU-OS specific problem, as qemu itself
> reports 0MB
> in the "bios" - thus making them unusable.
> Not sure where the problem might be here, but I suspect qemu. Xen, as I
> recall, (I don't have my NetBSD/Xen box nearby) correctly detects the size
> of the logical volume.

What would you suggest is the best way to allocate expandable disk
space to several xen domu's

I Favor ZFS but ZFS will need some time on NetBSD before it is ready
to go, LVM seemed like a logical second choice,
but 0 bytes for HVM is kind of a show stopper, I have heard that file
backed solutions are bad disk i/o, so I am open to suggestions.

Sam Fourman Jr.

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