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amd64 + Xen + arcmsr = crash


I have been running NetBSD/i386 and Xen on a Supermicro server with an Areca
RAID controller for about 1.5 years now and everything is working well.

I would like to replace the NetBSD i386 dom0 with amd64 port to be able to
access 8 GB of RAM.  However, amd64+xen does not work well with the Areca
controller - most of NetBSD builds make the system panic at a random point.
If I run the system from a SATA drive connected to the motherboard's SATA
port, everything works just fine (with the same Xen and NetBSD binaries).

The amd64 port itself works just fine with Areca, too - it's only the
amd64+xen+areca combination that is causing problems.  And with the i386
port, xen and Areca work ok.

I'm using Xen 3.3.1 and a netbsd-5 amd64 dom0 kernel built a week ago.

I don't have a backtrace available, I need to hook up a display and a
keyboard first (the remote console does not work with kernel debugger).

I'd appreciate it if someone more knowledgeable could help debugging
this - the other option is to install linux as dom0, but I'd rather
use the NetBSD amd64 port as I have never maintained a linux system



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