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Debian Linux DomU

Hello list,

Has anyone here recently tried to boot a Debian DomU in a NetBSD Dom0 ?
Finding the right kernel with the right init ramdisk is quite a bit of
a pain, as the documentation seems not to have followed the evolution
of the various Linux distribution (I'm not blaming anyone for that).
The problem lies in the network driver in the DomU kernel not being able
to work with the network interfac or/and the filesystem provided by the
NetBSD Dom0 (for the filesystem, I have only tried with phy: devices).

I sorted out the network problem using vmlinuz-2.6.26-2-xen-686 kernel
from a freshly released Debian, but I'm still stuck on the filesystem
front (and I guess this is the reason why I couldn't install this
distribution in a DomU). The best I get is a "Waiting for root
filesystem ... " type of error just after the DomU kernel mounts its

Has anyone got a working kernel+initrd combination that works ? I'm
working on a NetBSD-5.0.1/amd64, but I don't think this matters here.

Thanks for your interest in my question.


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