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Re: A bunch of questions about getting a working NetBSD/xen system

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Steven Bellovin wrote:
> On Feb 2, 2010, at 8:02 PM, Dustin Marquess wrote:
>> Keep in mind while NetBSD doesn't support SMP under Xen, a NetBSD dom0
>> CAN run non-NetBSD SMP guests!
> You're saying, then, that the problem is in NetBSD's domU support?  That's 
> interesting -- I wonder how a native NetBSD/HVM domU would work.

I run a Linux domU that has three VCPUs pinned to three separate cores
of a quad-core Xeon.  It works great and I have never had an issue.

I have tried an OpenBSD HVM guest with two VCPUs and have had bad
results.  The guest will stay up for several hours running some CPU
hogging processes and suddenly crash.  I haven't spent the time to find
out why nor will I.

Worse than that, if I pin the two VCPUs to the same core (works fine on
Linux PV domU), OpenBSD will panic if I put any load on it.

AFAIK, NetBSD/Xen does not support SMP.

- -Brian

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