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NetBSD dom0 and domUs network configuration problem


I've a NetBSD dom0 and one (unless network works) NetBSD domU.

I've for domUs an IP subnet, but this subnet doesn't have a gateway,
so i need to use it on the dom0 and route to each domU.

I've try in bridge :
Nothing can ping the domU, nothing go out of the domU.

In vif-ip :
out -> ip_of_domU : the dom0 respond instead of domU. domU -> out : no
route to host (and 'route add default -link xennet0' doesn't help).

I've net.inet.ip.forwarding = 1 on the dom0.

The purpose : one IP per domU _without_ NAT ( -> with a PF on each domU)

If someone have an idea.


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