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Re: Disconnect domU console from Terminal (OSX) ?

>>>>> How do I issue the "C-]" command on a Mac keyboard [...]
>> The problem here may be the AZERTY keyboard, where ] isn't directly
>> accessible.
> On my AZERTY keyboard, I have to issue "Shift-Alt-)" to get the "]".
> If I add a "Ctrl", it just doesn't issue anything...

This sounds like a bug somewhere in keyboard handling; I'd certainly
consider it a bug if I ran into it.

> Would there be a way to change the escape sequence ?
> Let's says "Ctrl-Esc" or such ?

Not really.  The escape is not a keystroke but a character (or, more
precisely, an octet).  Ctrl-] is 29, but, depending on how you
interpret "ctrl", ctrl-esc either does not exist or is
indistinguishable from plain esc...

...or is Mac-specific; it is possible that holding down Control while
typing ESC to Terminal generates at least one octet, but not the same
one as plain ESC.  However, if so, whatever it is, it is not standard
in the way that, for example, it is standard for the Control-plus-R
keystrokes to generate octet 18.  But all your keystrokes are
necessarily getting turned into octet sequences before being shipped
out over the ssh session; all your dom0 _can_ work with is the octet
stream produced by sshd.

Does killing the relevant process from another ssh login to the dom0
work?  (xenconsole, I think it is, but it's been way too long since I
played with xen for me to trust that without checking.)  There also may
be a command-line flag which changes the escape "character".

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