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Re: disappointing upgrade to NetBSD 5.0

On 28/05/2009 9:17 PM, Jean-Yves Migeon wrote:
Dan Engholm wrote:
(XEN) Xen kernel: 32-bit, PAE, lsb
(XEN) Dom0 kernel: 32-bit, lsb, paddr 0xc0100000 -> 0xc0a51c54
(XEN) Dom0 symbol map 0xc0a51c54 -> 0xc0b1e4c0
(XEN) Mismatch between Xen and DOM0

I assume the mismatch is the PAE thingy.


(My PC doesn't have enough memory in it to need PAE, anyway.) Why
doesn't the kernel produced from the package work with the prebuilt
NetBSD kernel? What am I doing wrong?

Nothing. Only -current has PAE support for dom0.

Ah, I'd forgotten about that. Sorry I didn't mention it. I never actually dealt with this as I switched to amd64 at the same time rather than use PAE kernels. I figured I had EM64T (I think that's it) so why not.


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