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Re: Renaming our Xen packages

Manuel Bouyer <bouyer%antioche.eu.org@localhost> writes:

>> Martti Kuparinen wrote:
>> >
>> >May I propose that we rename our Xen package directories and package 
>> >names so that it's obvious which version it is just by looking at the 
>> >package listing and/or directory name. This is what I mean:
>> >
>> >xen12:        shouldn't this be removed? If not, rename to xen12-kernel
>> >xentools12:    shouldn't this be removed? If not, rename to xen12-tools
> Can be removed
>> >
>> >xenkernel20:    rename to xen20-kernel
>> >xentools20:    rename to xen20-tools
>> >
>> >xenkernel3:    rename to xen31-kernel
>> >xentools3:    rename to xen31-tools
>> >xentools3-hvm:    rename to xen31-tools-hvm
>> >
>> >xenkernel33:    rename to xen33-kernel
>> >xentools33:    rename to xen33-tools
>> >
>> >All these packages, when installed, are just xen-{kernel,tools}-VERSION, 
>> >e.g.
>> >
>> >xen-kernel-3.3.0nb1
>> >xen-tools-3.3.0nb4
>> >
>> >I don't think this would be a problem as we already have CONFLICTS in 
>> >place so only one version can be installed.
> what will these renames buy us ? exept that 'make update' won't work
> anymore ...

Seconded, except I care about pkg_rolling-replace instead of make
update, but same issue.  I think DESCR is a fine place to explain these
issues, and I don't think the current names are causing trouble.

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