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Re: Network Configuration

Jean-Yves Migeon wrote:
>Robert Swindells wrote:
>> Is there anything written down on when to use different types of
>> network config with Xen ?
>> The box that I'm trying to install Xen onto only has one network
>> interface, so I don't want to use bridge(4), but the other options of
>> routing and using NAT are only mentioned in passing in the howto
>> document.

>There is the Xen Networking wiki [1]. It applies to Linux, but reasoning 
>stays the same.

>Xennet devices between dom0 and domU are similar to crossover cables, so 
>the approach depends on what you want to achieve. You can have the 
>L2/ethernet PoV and use bridge(4), or use L3/IP with routing, NAT being 
>a special case of it.

I did need to use bridge(4) after all, but was being bitten by kern/40547.

Robert Swindells

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