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Xen and Windows 2003 HVM


I have an opteron box running i386/xen on netbsd-4. A while back I set up a DomU running Windows 2003 Server with an eye to run it as a Terminal Server. While tests have been generally satisfactory, there is one thing that bugs me:

Several times, the win2003 DomU has managed to lock up the entire machine by filling the (admittedly tight) space in the Dom0 file system by logging > 100 MB to /var/log/xen/qemu-dm.${PID}.log. What it logs is large amount of whitespace with a few dots and form feeds - it looks like a repeated attempt at an ascii screenshot from the Windows screen.

Since these logfiles are created per-process, management is difficult, especially for long-running sessions which don't seem to let go of their files.

Does anyone know of a way not to let a DomU log to those files?


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