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Re: sophia xenbackendd[228]: Failed to read /local/domain/0/backend/ console/1/0/script (No such file or directory)

I successfully booted a netbsd install kernel, the one listed in my
config file.
While using sysinstall to download the sets, bandwidth started rapidly
approaching zero.
Due to lack of time, I aborted the install, and when I tried again
it failed and the messages I listed appeared.
I will report what xm info says.

On 6/23/08, Sarton O'Brien <bsd-xen%roguewrt.org@localhost> wrote:
> On Tue, 24 Jun 2008 07:00:22 am Michael Litchard wrote:
>  > I was successfully a netbsd domU, when the bandwidth started moving toward
>  > zero while running sysinstall for the domU.
>  > I had to stop, for lack of time and when I started again I got the
>  > following errors
>  >
>  > Failed to read /local/domain/0/backend/
>  > console/1/0/script (No such file or directory)
> As Manuel said, this shouldn't cause any problems with running the domu.
>  Just to be clear, you were successful in booting a domu and it began to fail
>  while in use? Or have you been unable to use sysinst to completion?
>  If you were able to successfully boot a domu and are now having relatively
>  random issues (and are running current), make sure you have the latest
>  kernels and 'xm info' within your dom0 displays free_memory as >32MB. I'm not
>  sure about the lowest limit for free_memory but I'd say that 32MB would be
>  close to it.
>  Sarton

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