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Re: Where to download latest amd64 builds

ti, 2008-06-10 kello 15:26 +0200, Manuel Bouyer kirjoitti:
> On Tue, Jun 10, 2008 at 02:23:21PM +0300, Anzi wrote:
> > Hi all,
> > 
> > 
> > I am currently trying to find suitable binaries to run netbsd / xen with
> > no luck. 
> > 
> > [some backround info]
> > Our server hardware was changed last week and I updated to to xen 3.1.4
> > because some mystical net disappearing occured twice (thought that it
> > could fix that). 
> > 
> > With Xen 3.1.4 hvm xp could not boot anymore and complains some ioctl
> > error that I googled and found that it was fixed somewhere in february.
> > Also Manuel wrote that it needed a netbsd current for that.
> > 
> > So first I tried to update from source -> everything went quite nicely
> > but postinstall had some troubles (libc.so lost)..
> > 
> > So I thought that it is now a good time to change the installation to
> > amd64. I downloaded 4-0-stable (current snapshot) and installed it and
> > found out that xentools3-hvm couldn't be compiled and isntalled from
> > pkgsrc (everythin else installed ok).
> > 
> > so that obiously isn't supported and needs current but where to download
> > it??
> It is certainly supported in netbsd-4/i386 (not netbsd-4-0 though),
> I have several servers running it. But if you want amd64, your only choise is
> current.
> it seems that we don't have amd64 builds available from the autobuild
> clusters these days :(
Hi Manuel and thanks for answering. It's bean a while since I last
visited here, but last system that I build just sits there and waits so
I haven't had any problems with it..

Yep, I sadly have noticed that.. So nobody has any image somewhere where
I can reach it?

btw, release engineering logs says that successful build is made, but it
isn't available in any ftp...


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