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Where to download latest amd64 builds

Hi all,

I am currently trying to find suitable binaries to run netbsd / xen with
no luck. 

[some backround info]
Our server hardware was changed last week and I updated to to xen 3.1.4
because some mystical net disappearing occured twice (thought that it
could fix that). 

With Xen 3.1.4 hvm xp could not boot anymore and complains some ioctl
error that I googled and found that it was fixed somewhere in february.
Also Manuel wrote that it needed a netbsd current for that.

So first I tried to update from source -> everything went quite nicely
but postinstall had some troubles (libc.so lost)..

So I thought that it is now a good time to change the installation to
amd64. I downloaded 4-0-stable (current snapshot) and installed it and
found out that xentools3-hvm couldn't be compiled and isntalled from
pkgsrc (everythin else installed ok).

so that obiously isn't supported and needs current but where to download


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