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Re: vifs not working?

>> What are these hotplug scripts and how can I make them start working?
> Look at /var/log/xenbackendd.log.  I suspect you'll see the error
> there.

Turns out xenbackendd.log contained nothing helpful.  It had a lot of
complaints like

Failed to read /local/domain/0/backend/console/9/0/script (No such file or 
Failed to read /local/domain/0/backend/console/9/0/state (No such file or 
Failed to read /local/domain/0/backend/vbd/9/1/state (No such file or directory)

but those didn't point me in a helpful direction.

> the scripts are started from /usr/pkg/etc/xen/scripts/

Interestingly, I find it rather schizoid about where they are run from.
Sometimes they are run from there, sometimes from /usr/pkg/etc/xen/.

> If you want to use vifs without a bridge, but with a routing
> configuration you may want to try the vif-ip script.

That assumes I want to give it an IP, which is not necessarily true

> Thay may be with either script=vif-ip or vif-script=vif-ip (I don't
> remember the right syntax).

On the xm network-attach command, it's script=.

I've now got it working, but I had to resort to the sledgehammer of
ktracing xenbackendd to figure out why the scripts weren't working (the
confusion over where they are found - when using xm create, it looks in
/usr/pkg/etc/xen/scripts/, but when using xm network-attach,

I'll see about writing up a revised howto.

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