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Re: init receiving SIGILL on XEN3_DOM0/amd64

On Sun, 18 May 2008 17:59:02 +1000 James Laird wrote:

 JL> boot device: <unknown>
 JL> root device: wd2a
 JL> dump device (default wd2b):
 JL> file system (default generic): ffs
 JL> root on wd2a dumps on wd2b
 JL> init path (default /sbin/init):
 JL> init: copying out path `/sbin/init' 11
 JL> Process (pid 1) got sig 4
 JL> Process (pid 1) got sig 4
 JL> Process (pid 1) got sig 4
 JL> [...]

I had the same problem (init got sig 4) when I was trying to boot current i386
DOMU kernel.

When I removed root = "/dev/xbd0a" from config, the system booted without
problem and guessed correctly root device (I was not asked to specify root
during boot). Also, with string bootdev = "/dev/xbd0a" the system boots fine,
but I don't know if this variable influence in any way.

to my, trociny

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