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Re: console dumps and crash

I only just realised I didn't cc this to the list.

On Wed, 9 Apr 2008 01:06:55 am you wrote:
> I have a few Xen installations which exhibit the same issue: when I
> try to attach a domU console (xm console name), I geta dump of hunderds
> of bufferized console messages, and the domU hangs.

Over the various revisions of netbsd/xen there have been issues with the 
console. With current-i386/xen I'm not noticing any problems.

Unfortunately xen tends to be at it's best in current (not always the case but 
mostly) but in the case of the console, the latest xentools may help as this 
is what has generally corrected console problems for me. In the end the 
problem may not be xen related and may be an issue with netbsd that has been 
corrected in current.


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