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Re: unable to boot Solaris domU: getdomaininfo failed

Peter Cooper wrote:
I've been a web-lurker for some time and have a couple of NetBSD 4.0 domU's running on a box here running 4.0_STABLE.

I've been wanting to try out OpenSolaris and when I saw River Tarnell's message and some of the responses, I thought I might give it a try.

Sadly, I get exactly the same results as River; errors about getdomaininfo.

I tried both a B78, B44 image and got the same results as River.

My next step is to reimage the box with a -current iso as that was reported as working. But I do think it's curious that I can get NetBSD domU's running but not Solaris ones, with exactly the same problem as someone else in 4.0_STABLE.

It's not all that curious when 4.0 services pullups and current is where all the active development is done. That combined with the fact someone else has the exact same problem with the exact same environment seems to indicate an incompatibility or bug with 4.0s xen implementation. As it's not the last we'll see of xen in a stable release, it's at least promising that current seems to have no problem. Unfortunately it would probably require a dev to actually debug the specific set up to find the issue, assuming this isn't config related.

The main reason I'm replying however is to just note that the success I had was under vanilla i386/xen, off the top of my head I'm not sure if the solaris domu supports anything else. Just incase you decided to go amd64 or pae, this might save you a reinstall :)


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