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Re: strange pause after re-creating domain

On 27/02/2008, Kimi <kimimeister%gmail.com@localhost> wrote:
> Hi,
>  I am experiencing a strange pause when I re-create a domain on the
>  third time. it works fine the first and second time, but it is always
>  the third or more times I re-create a domain. I have to reboot the
>  hardware.
>  when first and second creation, performance is like a native machine,
>  but on third there is a 500 ms to 1 second or more pause/delay.
>  I am using NetBSD current (4.99.54) AMD64 with xenkernel 3.1.2 & xentools 
> 3.1.2.
>  I have the same problem even if I use a "generic" XEN3_DOM{u,0} or a
>  custom kernel, ir different scheduler (4BSD or M2).

Also, if I run make build in /usr/pkgsrc there is no activity but the
load average is:
 Load  0.99  0.97  0.85
from systat vm 1

yet barely any CPU usage,  0.1 - 1.1 % according to xentop.


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