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Re: Xen 3.2.0 Packages

On 2008-01-24 00:10 +0100 (Thu), Manuel Bouyer wrote:

> I'm not sure what this would do with bulk builds. Would they still build
> all versions of the package ?

Well, you can't install 3.2 with 3.1 installed, or vice versa. I have no
idea what the bulk build system does in this case. What does it do if you
mark packages with different names as conflicting?

My main concern about giving them all the same package name is whether
there's any precedent for this. If there is, I'll do it, if not, at the
very least I'd have to ask on tech-pkg, I would think.

> Also, if you do 'pkg_add xentools' it'll take the one with the higher
> version number. keepin 31 or 32 in the package name avoids this
> problem.

True. But perhaps just a warning in DESCR and MESSAGE would be enough to
alert users about what they're getting into? In fact, I think we want
that warning either way.

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