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Re: First Experience with Xen3 on amd64 (Thanks, Bouyer!)

Manuel Bouyer wrote:
On Wed, Dec 19, 2007 at 09:18:55PM -0200, Marco Poli wrote:
Hello world,

I must confess I have been waiting for the release of the amd64 port for asome months now... to be precise since I bought this Xeon 5120 in this PowerEdge 1900 server, around june I guess.

Since the release I have built up a testing environment using -daily from 20071215 (kernel 4.99.42). And the latest xenkernel3 and xentools3 packages. I did make my own kernel with VT100, Veriexec and CGD support, based on the config of the XEN3_DOM0 kernel.

For this test I have:


So far so good. The problem appears when trying to bring the first DomU up, with the following config file:

kernel = "/netbsd-INSTALL_XEN3_DOMU.gz"
memory = 128
name = "machine"
vif = [ '' ]
disk = [ 'file:/mnt/virtual/netbsd-common.img,hda1,w' ]

When bringing up xend, in the logs I have:


Error: Device 0 (vif) could not be connected. Hotplug scripts not working.

If you don't want network interface, I think you just have to delete the
vif = ['']
line. Otherwise it create a vif with some defaut values that are not
right for NetBSD.
If you want a vif, you need to add a bridge= parameter pointing to an
existing bridge interface.

Was the attempt to invoke brctl an indication that the linux variant will automatically create a bridge if none exists or was it just a side effect of an empty vif value? I'm just curious as to whether this is a facility not utilised in NetBSD ... or if it's just the code's way of saying the vif value was bad.


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