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Re: Xen2 bailout: "Aieee! CPU0 is toast..."

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Likewise, if this box would run under XEN3 (which I've never tried)
then that would be interesting too, and a strong reason to try XEN3.

You'll probably better luck with Xen3, preferably xen-3.1.0.
I would be surprised if it didn't support quad-core CPUs.

However, in that case, as I have lot's of stuff that's autogenerated
for my XEN2 domUs, do I need to make any changes to my domUs other
than add a XEN3 kernel?

Maybe a few adjustements to the domain config file, but the filesystem
of the domU itself shouldn't need any changes.

Good! I'll try to break into the box and install the Xen3 bits as it would be interesting to get this machine running (although I don't strictly need it for the present project). I'll let you know if I get it working.

Runs like a charm. Upgrade to xen3 was very straightforward and not much trouble.

One question, though...

In Xen2 I've sometimes done the CPU allocation manually becaue the Xen2 scheduler has seemed, well, less than perfect for my applications. It is then very useful to be able to examine the result in the "CPU" column in the output from "xm list". Where do I find information about which domU was allocated to which CPU in Xen3? That information seems to be missing from both "xm list" and "xm top".



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