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memory dispatch


I remember a discussion about how to give bits of physical RAM with Xen
1.2 but just can't find the thread archive... Now I have Xen2 and can't
find the answer to :

What is the best way when dealing with RAM (NetBSD 3.0 / Xen 2.0.7) ?
1. Give all the RAM to dom0 (via grub's dom0_mem) ? And then domU will
herirate from it (from "memory" option).

2. Give the minimum to dom0 (let say 64Mo) ? And then use domU's memory

I'm wondering this because compiling net/wget in NetBSD/dom1 seems slow
(NetBSD/dom0 has 64M and NetBSD/dom1 has 128 ; /usr/pkgsrc being NFS
exported from dom0 to dom1). So maybe 64M for dom0 is a bit little and
it would be nice if dom0 could handle all the RAM and dispatch it to the


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