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some questions

Hello Sirs,
I buying a new server in a couple of days and I want to know if it's possible to do the following things (I'll use xen2 and netbsd3 as both dom0 and all domUs):
1) the server will be SMP with HT processors. is it possible to keep each domU on a physical CPU and each domU to use also HT (shorlty, every VM grounded to a physical CPU, while the kernel should see the 2 HT processors somehow) ?
2) Even more, is it possible to link every VM to a virtual HT processor ? Should I be aware of any security issues in this case ?.
3) if the server will have 2 PCI SCSI controllers is it possible to use each one for single machine (shortly, domU1 should see and use only the first controller and use it's attached disks, and domU2 the second..) ? physdev_dom0_hide should do the trick, right ?
4) is it possible to use ALTQ in xen0 kernel in order to limit the unprivileged domains ?
5) is it possible to fix the xen networking interface names corresponding to each domU ?

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