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Re: NetBSD kernel in dom0


> xen-1.2-fixed.gz did the trick. Thanks.


> I have two disks (wd0 and sd0) in the test machine. Xen is installed on
> and wd0 has the filesystems for dom1 etc. Right now, I have to build two
> kernels with two different 'config netbsd root on ..' config lines in
order to
> get them to use either wd0a or sd0a as root. How can I pass the boot
> info to the netbsd kernel so that 'config netbsd root on ? type ?' will

bootdev=wd0a sets the boot device to wd0a.  For domain0, you can set it in
grub's menu.lst on the xen12load line and for other domains you can set it
in the config file in /usr/pkg/etc/xc12, cmdline_extra = "bootdev=wd0a".
For other domains you can also only export the disk you need and/or play
some tricks with the disk ordering.


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