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Re: NetBSD kernel in dom0

Christian Limpach wrote:


Hi Christian,

Or you can download a Xen image with the patch applied from:
(there's also xen-1.2-fixed-ide.gz which includes support for a few
additional ide chipsets)

xen-1.2-fixed.gz did the trick. Thanks.

I have two disks (wd0 and sd0) in the test machine. Xen is installed on sd0a, and wd0 has the filesystems for dom1 etc. Right now, I have to build two kernels with two different 'config netbsd root on ..' config lines in order to get them to use either wd0a or sd0a as root. How can I pass the boot device info to the netbsd kernel so that 'config netbsd root on ? type ?' will work?

    - aew

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