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Re: xen_read_console doesn't show any output?

On Mon, 10 May 2004 02:51:38 +0200
"Christian Limpach" <chris%pin.lu@localhost> wrote:

> It's not that difficult to add, you might want to try adding it yourself.
> Just make sure the hda/sda syntax still works as well...


> This looks like you haven't compiled any filesystem into your kernel!?
> At least that's how I can reproduce it...  Did you remove FFS/EXT2FS/NFS
> from your kernel config file?

I have FFS/EXT2FS/NFS and others filesystems as well, except FDESC, hmm
no idea what's wrong there...
> vga_xen and xenkbc don't exist in domains other than domain0 since
> only domain0 gets access to physical devices.


        Juan RP <juan%xtraeme.unixbsd.org@localhost>

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