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xen_read_console doesn't show any output?

Hi there!

I created a new domain, but when I run xen_read_console, the output
is empty...

[juan@Nocturno][~]> sudo xc_dom_control.py list      
Dom  Name             Mem(kb)  CPU  State  Time(s)
0    Domain-0          260000   0    r-    11701
1    NetBSD VM 1        32768   0    --     2201

I created an empty partition for NetBSD/Xen (wd0i) ffs, should I use newfs
there? I'm not really sure about what I should do (I mean, if when a new
domain is created, you have to install NetBSD or something like this...).

All steps I made were from:


Same IP, etc.

        Juan RP <juan%xtraeme.unixbsd.org@localhost>

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