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Re: sysctl questions


Christian Limpach said:
>> machdep.domain0.diskcookie.wd0 = 768
>> machdep.domain0.diskcookie.cd0 = 5632
>> What is this?
> These are the "cookies" Xen uses to identify disks.  They are
> usually hidden within the kernel because only the block device
> driver needs to know the cookie when requesting a transfer
> from Xen.  In domain0 the above sysctl nodes are created so
> that the domain tools can create virtual block devices.

Hmm... If I can use vnd(4) as vbd, I'm very happy ;)

# xc_dom_control.py vbd_add 1 phy:vnd0a wd0 rw
sysctl: fourth level name 'vnd0' in 'machdep.domain0.diskcookie.vnd0' is invalid

xc_vd_tool.py seems to require sqlite...


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